Carpet Cleaning Tauranga


1-2 Bedrooms with 1 Living Area: $140

Extra Bedrooms $40 each 

Extra Living Area $50 each

Stairs $45 up to 15 Steps

Hallway Standard up to 15Sqm $40

Hallway Large between 15-30Sqm $80

Upholstery Cleaning $35 Per seat

Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2MX2M) $60

Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3MX3M) $90

Mattress Cleaning -Single $90

Mattress Cleaning -Double $150

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Carpet Cleaning in Tauranga

CleaningPro has the best carpet cleaners in Tauranga who are well trained, give the finest attention to every detail, and use the latest cleaning equipment. Offers included are rug cleaning, carpet spot removal, sofa cleaning, and mattress cleaning service.

Our cleaners use hot steam cleaning and stain removal techniques to ensure your carpets are new. Eco-friendly cleaning products and methods are used to get the job done effectively.

The cleaning service of CleaningPro in Tauranga is exceptional, skillful, and promising quality at affordable prices. You are given value for money. Dirty carpets no longer need a replacement as our carpet cleaning service ensures that stains and odors are removed and the quality of our service is never compromised.

Why should you choose us?

  • The best carpet cleaning equipment is used by experts. Stems that kill 99.99% of pathogens, germs, viruses, dust mites, and bacteria are used. The powerful vacuum carpet cleaning takes out 93% of moisture from the carpets.
  • Quality carpet cleaning, flood drying carpets, and carpet repairs are provided by our experts.
  • Our prices are final and upfront. There are no hidden charges, switching costs, or bait.
  • Professional equipment is used such as Ninja Carpet Extractor.
  • Eco-friendly products are used, respecting the environment.
  • We provide ideally competitive prices and customized combo deals.
  • Free assessments and quotes will be provided by our team.
  • Our team is comprised of highly competitive and experienced staff.

Carpet Cleaning

The result of carpet cleaning done through Ninja carpet Extractor is quite different than done by any other cleaner in the market.

Our carpet cleaning process includes:

Carpet cleaning done by you and by our professionals is never the same. Our cleaning methods are exceptional. Regardless of where the carpets are located, be it in a home, apartment, or commercial building, or regardless of carpet material like fibers, we give out the best results. 

The following is the stepwise process:

  1. Pre-Inspection: Walk-through visual inspection, potential stain identification, and carpet cleaning requirements evaluation are involved.
  2. Pre-Vacuuming: The entire area is vacuumed irrespective of visible dirt.
  3. Pre-Spray: Alkaline pre-spray is applied to suspend and loosen stains that are not taken out by vacuum cleaners. Teflon rake is used for this purpose.
  4. Cleaning and Extracting: A steam cleaning and hot water extraction procedure is used to clean the carpet to its backing for removing pollen, chemicals, and bacteria.
  5. Post-Cleaning Final Inspection: Finally, we do a post-cleaning inspection to see if the desired results are accomplished.

Depending on the carpet type, 3-6 hours is the typical drying time.


Other Quality Features by CleaningPro:

Deep quality Clean: The most impressive steam cleaning techniques are applied to clean your rug carpets. The base of the floor, covering heaps, is reached and all the soil and stains are eliminated.

Carpet Protection: Carpet protection, which is applied by carpet manufacturers, goes off with vacuuming and foot traffic. The protection is reapplied to get more dirt out of the carpet by our experts with the vacuum cleaner. The use of a vacuum cleaner slows down the formation of traffic patterns.

Carpet Deodorization: The smell of the whole house causes smelly carpets. An enzyme-powered deodorizer is used by our specialist carpet cleaners to get rid of the odor that causes organic substances. That organic matter is digested by enzymes. Thus, odors from urine, vomit, faeces, and sour milk are eliminated.

Carpet Spot Removal / Stain Treatment: Carpet spot removal or stain treatment is easily tackled by our experts. Detergents, special chemicals, and stain treatment methods are required by the expert treatment. And make sure you treat your carpets with appropriate products.


Carpet Cleaning Prices:

  • 1-2 Bedrooms with 1 Living Area: $139
  • 3-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $179
  • 4-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $219
  • 5-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $259
  • 6-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $299


Extras will be charged while first availing the carpet cleaning.

  • Stain Treatment: $100
  • Stairs up to 15 steps: $45
  • Extra Living Area: $50
  • Hallway Standard (up to 15 Sqm): $40
  • Hallway Large (Between 15-30 Sqm): $80
  • Couch Cleaning (up to 5 seats): $150
  • Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2mX2m): $60
  • Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3mX3m): $90
  • Single Mattress Cleaning: $90
  • Double Mattress Cleaning: $150

**Please note that all extra carpet cleaning

*For carpets requiring extra effort, you will be charged additional, after on-site inspection

**Please inform us via email if carpet cleaning by Rotovac is required. Unless specified, we may send another machine, subject to availability.

***CleaningPro prefers vacant space, light furniture can be moved by the team. However, the customer should take care of the heavy furniture items.

****If parking carries any expense, it has to be borne by the customer separately.

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