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✔ Faster emergency response time to remove black mould.

✔ Emergency mould remediation available 24 hours a day.

✔ Adequate security procedures and insured personnel.

✔ Minimize mould damage with special equipment and mould treatments.

✔ Eliminates the risk of mould re-growth by correcting underlying problems

✔ Approaching customers with a completely transparent process.

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Mould Removal Tauranga | Mould Remediation

If you live in a house or building that naturally has moisture in the air, then you might have noticed green fungus on the ceilings or on the walls. These are naturally occurring airborne fungi around us that grow and spread on damp surfaces. Although research has shown that mould is not completely preventable, that can only be controlled if the moisture in a particular area is controlled.

CleaningPro has brought a solution for removing this mould out of your house or building in Tauranga. The maximum you can do yourselves for mould treatment is to bleach the affected area that can only affect and treat its symptoms. But you will see them returning sooner.

If you need professional help removing the mould in Tauranga and CleaningPro does it incredibly well. A team of veteran mould remediation experts from CleaningPro ensures for the permanent eradication of both water and mould issues.
CleaningPro has a solution for all types of mould removal i.e. black mould removal and other types of moulds in New Zealand.

Why choose CleaningPro for Mould Removal in Tauranga

Not only is CleaningPro a professional in mould removal services, CleaningPro has other great reasons too. Therefore, CleaningPro is chosen among other cleaning service companies.

  • CleaningPro gives 24 hours to emergency services. Call us at any time of any time of the day or night. You will find us at your doorsteps in a few minutes.
  • CleaningPro provides free quotes if you request one.
  • CleaningPro gets mould removal treatment from veterans and professional cleaners.
  • CleaningPro has a turnaround time of 30 minutes.
  • CleaningPro staff consists of licensed and insured team members.
  • CleaningPro staff uses high-quality equipment and techniques.
  • CleaningPro follows a transparent process for the removal of mould.

Our experts suggest going to a professional service provider even when you see symptoms of mould or black mould in your house before it spreads and harms your family.

We have a clear process of mould remediation as we first identify the root cause of the mould and then, give the treatment that is best suited for the mould with the latest equipment in no time.
In the house, the rooms that usually get moulded and damage the materials are the basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Mould growth seems to be there in ideal places like damp or moist ones.

You can easily see them on ceiling tiles, drywall, wooden paneling, and mattresses. CleaningPro team removes all the mould, present in rooms and in different materials with the use of modern equipment and useful technologies.

What is the Process of Mould Remediation?

No doubt mould damages the structure and the property as you see the drywall, woods, and other materials weakening day by day. Therefore, mould should be treated and cleaned in a timely manner.
Moulds can be the cause of many diseases and allergies. And unentertained buildings usually have a lot of these issues. Hence, the moulds should be removed as soon as possible and the process is known as “Mould Remediation”.

CleaningPro has transparent and smooth for mould remediation and starts with an initial evaluation and estimation. Once the evaluation is done, all the moisturising areas are fixed, the materials are removed that contain mould, and the original condition is retained.

  •  Fix the Moisture Source

The primary source of mould is always water and moisture. Increase and continuity in moisture will be the source of mould increase with time.

Usually leakage or condensation is the source and is fixed and repaired.

  • Mould Treatment

Once the source is fixed, removing the mould is easy. For complete radiation of mould and prevention of mould growth, all the carpeting, wood, and drywalls should be discarded or replaced.

In the extreme case of the mould being severe, disconnecting the area forever can be the only solution.

  • Purify and Deodorise

Once we are confirmed with the mould removal, all the items are rinsed, purified, and deodorised professionally. The recurrence of mould is also taken care of with technology.

  • Restore

The final step is retaining the original condition. You may be required to install new paint walls, drywall, tiles, or carpet. If the case gets severe, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and countertops are replaced. Please call us to book!

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