Tauranga Fortnightly House Cleaning Service


1-2 Bedroom house $100

Extra Bedrooms $25 each

Extra Kitchen $35

Extra Living Room $35 each

Extra Bathroom $35 each

Separate Toilet $15 each

Cupboard Inside $49

Oven Inside $69

Fridge Inside $49

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Tauranga Fortnightly House Cleaning Service

Are you one of those who needs house cleaning for their messy house every fortnight? CleaningPro is offering you an exceptionally regular fortnight of house cleaning service. Usually people are unable to clean their house every two weeks, so it is necessary to take the dust out of the house and get some fresh air and a healthy environment. But CleaningPro is enabling you to get it cleaned through their fortnightly house cleaning service in Tauranga.

CleaningPro promises to deliver you the best experience our fortnightly house cleaning team can. Trusting us with your cleanliness and satisfaction is our other promise that we always keep in consideration. In short, you will get your house neat, clean, and tidy.

CleaningPro is here with the best customised cleaning packages and that too at attractive prices that well suit you and your needs. You can book our fortnightly house cleaning service anytime by just giving us a call on our number. Moreover, you can apply for the online booking by just clicking on “Online Booking” button and filling in all the required areas. You will receive a confirmation from us through call or email.

Giving you the desired standards that you want and exceeding your standards is something we are looking forward to working on and delivering you the best we have been doing till now. This fortnightly house cleaning service is also one of the added services that CleaningPro is providing!

Services Provided Fortnightly House Cleaning:

Regular fortnightly house cleaning involves the following:

  • All skirting boards are damp wiped.
  • All cobwebs from the corners of the ceilings are removed.
  • Window frames and sills are cleaned.
  • Interior door frames and door handles are cleaned.
  • Kitchen cupboard fronts, kickboards, and any open shelves are cleaned.
  • Range hood exterior and flue are cleaned.
  • All the shower cabins, sinks, taps, mirrors, and toilets are cleaned.
  • All the floors are vacuumed as well as copped.

As you trust us and make us accountable for the fortnightly cleaning of your house, we always make sure and take care of giving you privacy at your house while doing the cleaning job.

And ultimately, giving you the top-rated cleaning service that you will book us for! Please let us know if you need this fortnightly cleaning service regularly according to your needs and requirements.

However, there are a couple of other house cleaning services that CleaningPro is offering that vary with your cleaning patterns and requirements. These services include daily cleaning services, weekly cleaning services, monthly cleaning services, one-off cleaning services, and special occasion cleaning services. You just need to let us know your requirements and concerns and we will provide you with the services that best suit your home profile.

You will find the cleaning team of CleaningPro really experienced and professional. We can also proudly claim that and take immense pride in it. Our customers have always given great comments and reviews about the cleaning service results and experience they were provided and how satisfied they are with our services after getting it. Our customers have always been really happy with the way they find their houses after letting them go through our cleaning service.

Please note that our cleaning team and the equipment we use are never dependent on the size of your house, whether small or big. Cleaning them with great effort and getting them up to your expectations are the main goals!

You can get more updates about it by visiting the website regularly and a customised quote by calling us and sharing your details!

Fortnightly House Cleaning Prices:

We have standardized pricing for almost all of our cleaning services unless you want a customised one for customised cleaning. The prices mentioned here are exclusive to GST.

Generally, cleaning of one house includes the cleaning of a single bedroom, single bathroom, single living room, and single kitchen. However, if you want to clean an extra bathroom, extra kitchen, extra living room, and extra bedroom, you will be paying for the extra cleaning area separately.

  • 1-2 Bedroom house: $100
  • Extra Bedrooms: $25 each
  • Extra Living Room: $35 each
  • Extra Bathroom: $35 each
  • Extra Kitchen: $35
  • Oven Inside: $69
  • Fridge Inside: $49
  • Separate Toilet: $15 each
  • Cupboard Inside: $49

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