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Fire Restoration Tauranga | Smoke Odour Treatment | Soot Removal Tauranga

No doubt, when you list down incidents that you find traumatizing, the fire in the property happens to be in the top five at least. And no matter how small or big a fire gets to be, the property owner always faces damages in terms of finances and lives! The property does not seem to be living in it again.

CleaningPro is now offering you a fire restoration service that will help you deal with the stains, discolourations, destroyed walls and boundaries caused by the fire. Before it gets too late and the fire smoke gets more exposed, call CleaningPro to get it tackled as fire smoke can lead to further damage and degradation. If you get late and the fire smoke spreads, you will then have to call for professional fire clean up services as well as for soot damage restoration.

How do you face fire damage?

Cases and incidents reveal that electric fires, candles, and small kitchen fires are the common causes of fire damage. CleaningPro cleans up the affected area after fires, smoke, and soot damage by veteran restoration experts and professionals, and CleaningPro can do the clean-up regardless of the cause.

Other reasons that our customers have come across are as follows:

  • Electric fires
  • Oil and grease fires
  • Creosote Build Up in Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Faulty electric blankets
  • Christmas free fires
  • Smokey oven fires
  • Lightning strikes, candles
  • Small kitchen fires
  • Smoking
  • Improper fireplace maintenance
  • Improper use or malfunctioning of space heaters
  • Fireworks
  • Turkey fryer fires

Process of Fire Damage Restoration Followed by the CleaningPro experts

Knowing how destructive fire and smoke can be to human health and to your structure and property, you should have professional help to restore soot and smoke residue in a good manner before they settle on the surface and leave stains permanently within hours.

CleaningPro starts the process of fire damage restoration service with an initial assessment evaluation and provide you with a free quote. After that, cleaning and restoration steps will be taken. Further steps are discussed in detail below:

  • Board-Up and Tarp

Once the initial evaluation is done and a free estimate is provided, your property is sealed and secured in a way that your doors and windows are boarded up for safety.

And to keep other parts of the building protected from damage, a canvas is provided for damaged rooftops and damaged ceilings.

  • Dry Out and Water Extraction

CleaningPro experts get the water pumped and vacuumed out of the area. For this drying purpose, modern and branded dehumidifiers and air movers are used.

Our equipment does the fast drying, and this prevents further damage. However, the dry duration can take longer and depend upon the extent of damage and severity of the affected area.

  • Smoke and Soot Removal

For the restoring purposes of ceilings, cabinets, furniture, and walls, different treatment methods and equipment like air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and ozone treatments are used.

You will be ensured to purify the complete HVAC system to get the soot averted from further spreading. In case of severe damage, offsite content restoration will be required.

  • Cleanse

All exposure to smoke and soot is deodorised and water damaged areas are sanitised due to firefighting efforts.

  • Restoration

At last, your area is rebuilt and restored to its original state. You will be required to change new drywall, lay new carpets, paint the walls, replace the cabinets, and refinish the hardwood floors to have the same new look.

Call CleaningPro for Professional Fire Clean up Services

If a fire catches your property, you do not need to worry rather call us to help you out from facing huge damage. CleaningPro ensures that you will have your property in its own state.

A couple of other reasons for choosing CleaningPro are these:

  • CleaningPro team take all the precautionary measures and stays protected from dangerous emergencies like fire.
  • CleaningPro team provide a free quote without obligating for anything.
  • CleaningPro team is really responsive. You will be responding in under 30 minutes!
  • You will call CleaningPro team anytime you want as we are available 24/7.
  • CleaningPro team gives the perfect package of restoring to the cleaning services.
  • You will never be able to get professional and reliable services in Tauranga from any other cleaning service company.

Feel free to call us and get a free estimate today to have our fire restoration and cleaning services!

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