Flood Restoration Tauranga

Water extraction & Cleaning $20 Per SQM

Commercial dehumidifier $99 per night

Blower dryer $39 per night

Site Inspection $80 each visit

Equipment Pickup/Delivery $80 Per Visit

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Flood Restoration, Carpet Drying and Water Damage Restoration in Tauranga

Tauranga is prone to flooding, and most residents would require flood restoration services in Tauranga. Have your walls and carpets soaked too much water? But no need to worry as CleaningPro is here to help you with your carpet by bringing it back to life with our professional carpet drying service instead of replacing it with a new one. 

Water damage restoration services are provided with the use of advanced structural drying techniques to do the carpet drying as efficiently and quickly as possible. The carpet drying process is checked 24/7 hours by the technicians from the water damage restoration site.

What is the Cause and Effect of Water Damage?

Water problems can be in the form of leaky old pipes, dripping roofs, corroded tubing, and faulty water lines after which the disaster starts.

At the start, you get a fully soaked place in the boundaries and damp in the middle. Then you get to smell musty and dank. Discoloured walls and a wet squishy carpet are next. Then mould and mildew enter next. Mould growth is caused due to standing water in no less than 26 hours due to which the flood restoration service becomes costly.

As the only solution seems to be a flood restoration service, CleaningPro does it best. What other companies do is tear down the waterlogged frameworks, walls, hardwood floors, and destroyed carpets. This way they miss out on carpet drying aspects of flood restoration. They don’t do it as it takes forever.

Why Choose CleaningPro to dry your flooded property:

  • IICRC certified technicians are employed by CleaningPro who are skilled and experienced in providing this service.
  • You can book us on a call regardless of the time i.e. 24/7 and get us on your doorstep within an hour of your first call, which reduces further water mitigation and is risky for unaffected areas.
  • For multiple jobs at a time and quick jobs, we have air movers and commercial-grade dehumidifiers in large numbers to dry out flooded homes.
  • CleaningPro’s team do effective flood damage diagnosis and assessment, equipped with modern equipment such as portable thermos-hygrometers, moisture sensors, thermal imaging cameras, and moisture meters.
  • Our most professional water extractions available are Rotovac 360i, water claw, and truck-mounted extractors. They remove 91% of the water from the flood-affected carpets and underlays due to which they get dry in no time.
  • Our largest vehicles at a time can carry up to 8 dehumidifiers and 20 blowers and are LDV V80, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit. This causes us to be more responsive.

Wet Carpet Restoration:

As flood water removal from carpet is important, modern equipment is used without causing any damage to the carpet. These not only clean but also remove mud and odour, in consideration of preserving the colour and fabric of the carpet.

Despite the latest structural drying equipment and methods, our services are charged minimally and our prices are quite affordable.  

Why do you need to get your carpet dried?

If you have damaged pipelines, water damage, or leaky roofs, they should be under your consideration. For they lead to mould in the house, eventually impacting your and family’s health in the house.

The following are the impacts of having excessive moisture in the flooring:

  • Bacteria and mould can be grown under your flooring.
  • The air quality of the home is damaged.
  • Supporting the structure and foundation of the building is cracked or damaged.
  • You may need to get expensive repairs.

Hence, you need to reach out to professionals for water damage restoration services.

Water Restoration Process:

To give you the best experience, we have divided our process into 5 steps i.e.

Step 1: Inspection

Step 2: Water removal from your property

Step 3: Drying the premises

Step 4: Cleaning of household items

Step 5: Restoration


Flood Restoration Prices:

All prices are excluding GST.

  • Water extraction, cleaning and sanitising $20 per square meter (minimum charge $300 i.e. 15 sqm) per property
  • Commercial Dehumidifier Hire $99 per night
  • Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire $39 per night
  • Site Inspection per visit per property $80 up to one hour
  • Drying Equipment delivery/pick up $80 per visit


We also provide services for mould remediation as well as carpet cleaning.

**All prices quoted do not reflect GST

Dependent on the extent of the damage, some extra work may be required and charged separately. The restoration activity is not limited to what's included in the regular packages. A $X cancellation fee applies after the designated time span for cancellation.

Dehumidifiers and air dryers may be used over 48 hours in a few cases. Most carpets dry for at least 48 hours, while wall drying will take around 5 days. A detailed report will be provided by our flood restoration experts after an on-site visit.

*For properties requiring extra efforts will be charged additional, after on-site inspection

**Parking is the customer's responsibility, any parking cost would be borne by the customer.

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