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The Top 5 Common Mistakes You Are Making when Cleaning Your Upholstery

A lot of people don't realize the simple mistakes they are making when trying to clean upholstery. For example, many people think that using a vacuum cleaner is enough to remove dirt and dust. This is not true as vacuuming will only shift the dirt around and push it deeper into the fabric, so you'll need to get out your brushes and scrubbing clothes. Other common mistakes include using water or chemicals on delicate fabrics such as wool or silk, which could ruin them forever! One other mistake might be not realizing how important steam cleaning is for removing stains from upholstery. If you're looking for ways to effectively clean your upholstery without damaging it in any way then read this blog post now!

#1 Using Wrong Type of Cleaner

Most people are using the wrong type of cleaner. They use a common household cleaner on their upholstery, which is not meant for this type of fabric. The wrong cleaner can leave your furniture looking dull and dingy, and it can also cause damage.

#2 Using Bleach to get rid of Stains

Bleach can remove the color from your furniture and fabric, leaving it a dull grayish-white or yellow in spots where the stain was present! In addition, it is best to avoid any cleaner that contains bleach if possible, if you have any material that could be harmed by chlorine (like velvet), then this tip isn't best for you. If the stain is old, covered by a film of dirt or oil, and can't be wiped off with water alone, then try using an appropriate cleaner to remove it without harming your furniture!

#3 Too Much Water

People when cleaning their upholstery is that they use too much water while washing. This doesn't just mean you are using more water than necessary, but that a common mistake is to use the hose to clean. This can cause your furniture and fabric to shrink if it's natural fibers (like cotton), or damage delicate upholstery fabrics! Even worse, this could lead the dirt from your floor into an area where it might not be accessible for you to clean.

#4 Using Harsh Chemicals

Another common mistake people make when cleaning their upholstery is that they use harsh chemicals that can damage your furniture. Chemicals like ammonia or bleach are strong and will break down the fibers in your fabric, causing them to become weak or rip easily! This should only be used for stains if you have already tried other methods. It's common to clean upholstery with a mixture of water and ammonia or bleach for stronger dirt removal, but this can lead to more problems than you may be aware of! When using these strong chemicals, it is recommended that you use microfiber clothes which are specifically designed to hold the chemical without releasing any onto your furniture. Microfiber towels are also the best product to use when cleaning upholstery.

#5 Ignoring Smaller Stains

Another common mistake you are making when cleaning your upholstery is ignoring stains and spills. This should be common sense, but it's easy to forget about this step! It may seem like an unnecessary part of the process if you're just doing a light spot clean or area rug, for example, however any time there is a spill on your furniture that isn't cleaned up right away it needs to be addressed before the sun and other elements dry out the spilled liquid and make a permanent mark.


This common mistake when cleaning upholstery is a common mistake you are making if you use harsh chemicals that could damage your upholstery. If that wasn't enough, not following these tips can also lead to stains and spills being left on the furniture for longer than they should be. Follow these steps in order to avoid this common mistake!

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